About UsJC Car Audio is one man’s fulfillment in his search for the best car audio.  Jeffrey Cristobal started young with his passion in car audio and has very high standards for details in car audio from installation to sound quality.

JC Car Audio exclusively started doing projects for selected clients in the early part of 2005. It was also in the same year that the projects of JC Car Audio were showcased in a number of car shows and audio competitions like EMMA and IASCA.

2005 marked the birth of JC Car Audio. This is where a car audio enthusiast’s dream comes to a reality. From conceptualization to execution, we provide customers with the best possible service one can get in the industry. Quality installation is never compromised in any project of JC Car Audio.

In 2006, JC Car Audio expanded its clientele catering to the mainstream business. With the network of JC Car Audio reaching different genres and catering from simple to extra ordinary set ups, the shop opened its doors to more audio enthusiasts.

It was also in 2006 when JC Car Audio broadened its scope from car audio conceptualization and installation to bigger and wider coverage by doing Mobile Audio System for different clients. Where best sound quality and craftsmanship is a commitment, JC Car Audio brought it closer to the consumers.

JC Car Audio guarantees not only satisfaction in quality installation, but we also provide every customer with the best listening experience a car audio enthusiast can get.

We continue to innovate and challenge the industry to greater heights. JC Car Audio aims to provide the Philippine market with World Class Quality in car audio.

Visit JC Car Audio today and experience Better Sound Ideas.